Page Ripper

This is a simple self hosted app to create quick static copies of your web pages on a new project.

⚠️ BETA This is the first public release of this app. Its gone through extensive internal testing but I am sure you may find an issue or two. Please report them to our team. Details at the bottom of this page.


  • Build in landing page server

  • Create static copies of pages & assign custom URLs as needed

  • Replace all links with a single target link

  • Build in simple HTML editor

  • Sync pages back to your project Dropbox for local editing

  • Strip Javascript (Optional)

How to create a Pageripper project

Similar steps as any of the other apps you can install through launchpal.

  • Create new app

  • Select Pagerip

  • Enter some basic config like username / password

  • Select host, region and size

  • Select file sync (dropbox is two way sync here 👍)

  • Assign domain

  • Wait for it to finish


First time you login to your new Pagerip project you will first need to accept the "you are responsible for your own actions, we are not responsible if you copy anything that you don't own the rights to".

We provide a tool - you decide how to use it. Don't do stupid shit. If you do - accept the consequences.

How to copy a page

Here is a quick walk through of how to use the PageRip app. You can create a Launchpal Project to use it - its just like other apps.

But once its up and running follow these steps.

Step 1 - Open pageripper

Once the page rip project has finished building, you can open the app by clicking the button next to the title:

Or you can just enter the IP or assigned domain in your browser with the port number 10001, like this:

Step 2 - Add a page to copy


  • give it a name

  • enter the URL to the page

  • enter a custom destination path

  • (optional) choose a URL to replace for all links

  • (optional) select option to stop all JS from the page

Click Go and wait for it to finish.

Step 3 - Edit the page

PageRip includes a simple basic html editor. To open it for a ripped page, just click the pencil on the right.

Source code is formatted and you can collapse sections easily via the down arrow in the sidebar.

Use Ctrl/Cmd + F to open the search field:

Step 4 - Dropbox Sync

If you selected the Dropbox file sync method when you created the project, any pages you rip will be uploaded to dropbox.

You can then edit the page as much as you need locally. Changes are synced back to dropbox and are live on your server within seconds.

Step 5 - Manual download

Each ripped page can be downloaded easily. Just click the download icon to the right of the page. Wait for it to finish preparing.

Once the cloud icon is green - you can click it again - to download a zip file of the page.

Reporting issues

As this is a beta app right now - if you find any issues - please report them to our team through the main chat support in the launchpal dashboard.

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