Project Errors

Sometimes its possible a server build fails.

When this happens the status of the project will show an error message like shown in the screenshot below:

Here are some of the most common errors you may run into.

Fatal Internal Error

Something unexpected broke when building the project, or creating a template or backup.

Here are some of the known causes:

  • Amazon Web Services: If your account is over 3 years old it is not compatible with LaunchPal and therefore projects will show a fatal error. You can read more about this here. To fix this we suggest you create a sub account which is super easy if you follow our guide.

  • Vultr: Your project on Vultr can show internal errors for various reasons. The common ones are if you have not authorised our IPs to access your Vultr api key, or if you have not funded your account.

  • Server timeout: the server failed to let our app know that it completed configuring itself. So we assume it failed. You will need to make sure you check for new duplicate servers. I recommend you try 1 more time to build the same project, note down the exact settings you use and if it fails again - please contact support with the details through chat.

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