The open source highly secure vpn client.

For more info on openvpn and its features please click here.

Please note that while launchpal will install the app on your server you still will need a client to access the vpn.


Please create a secure password to use the vpn preferably at least 8 characters long with a mix of numbers and letters upper and lower case.

After the server is setup you will need to navigate to the domain to finalise the install of openvpn.

The login is on port 943 so open your IP like this in your browser: https://your-ipaddy:943

If you don't setup a https domain you and navigate to the domain you should see a screen like this

There is nothing to be concerned with as you are navigating to the site direct to the ip and you are in control of the server, but your browser does not know this.

Depending on the browser you use you will need to click ''ADVANCED" or continue to load the setup page.

You will then be taken to a page that looks like this

Please enter in your username and password created during the setup process make sure to select "Login" and not connect from the dropdown menu next to the go button.

The next page you should see is

Here is where you can download your client for your local system so you can connect to the vpn.

OpenVPN Support

OpenVPN is an open source application and we cant deal with application specific bugs, feature requests or issues. If you have a technician or developer working with you for Wordpress - please make sure they understand how launchpal works. We have a guide for them here.

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