Reset your Wordpress password

Launchpal Wordpress projects do not have email enabled. So you can't use the normal "password reset".

This article explains how you can reset your password using SSH. If you want you can follow the guide on Wordpress Codex instead, just make sure you follow step 1 first to access your server SSH.

If you are not familiar with SSH then just reach out to support and we can do the reset for you.

⚠️ Do you know your current login for wordpress? Then just skip to the last step 6 as its easier to reset your password securely in wordpress itself.

1. Get your SSH access details & login

Open your favourite SSH/terminal app and use the SSH details from the Project Access tab to login to the command line on your project.

2. Access the database

Type mysql -u root at the command line and use password pass to login.

3. Verify your wordpress access details

Type this command: SELECT ID, user_login, user_pass FROM wp_users; to show the users setup for wordpress.

Find the user you want to reset the password for in the table and note the ID. For info - the password you see is one way encrypted so dont worry about seeing it in the screenshot or the terminal.

4. Set your new password

Decide on your temporary password (I used yourpasswordreset here). The password you set here is just temporary to give you access to your wordpress account after which you can use the secure reset in the admin interface to reset it.

Use your temp password in the following command: update wp_users set user_pass=MD5('yourpasswordreset') where id=1; with your password instead of yourpasswordreset and the ID you got from step 3 above instead of the 1 in the example.

To make sure the password has changed - just re-run the select command from the previous step again: SELECT ID, user_login, user_pass FROM wp_users;

5. Login to wordpress

Go to wordpress admin in your browser and use your new password to make sure its working.

6. Set your secure password

Go to your profile page: or by clicking the Edit my profile option when you hover over the "Howdy" menu in the top right of your browser.

Scroll down to the account management section and click "Generate password"

Make sure you copy and save the generated password in your favourite password tool (I recommend 1password).

Then scroll down to the bottom and click "Update profile"

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