Virtual Domains

It is possible to host several domains on a single project, and have different homepages for each domain.

This is a new feature thats available to projects created from 3 October 2017.


Virtual domains currently only works for user files - not to the app installed on the project.

How does it work?

To give each domain its own unique homepage, all you need to do is have a folder named as the full domain for each of your assigned domains.

So if you have a project with the following domains assigned:



Then you just need to create a folder with the domains files in a folder in the project root:

  • /var/www/user/

  • /var/www/user/

You can create these folders in your Dropbox project folder, or use FTP.

Note that the files are also accessible by using the domain as a folder name in the URL - ie will also show the homepage for domain2.

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