NoIPfraud provides a paid link protection service to online marketers. To use Noipfraud with Launchpal, you need both a Launchpal subscription and a Noipfraud subscription.

You can read more about the features and options here. If you have any questions about Noipfraud please contact Noipfraud support on their website chat on, via the chat in their software, or via email @ support.

Bug: when creating your Noipfraud projects, dont name them with a number as this causes issues with Noipfraud installation.

Two apps

To run Noupfraud on Launchpal you can choose either the Basic Noipfraud app, or the Noipfraud+Wordpress app.


Which ever of the 2 apps you choose - you can preconfigure noipfraud from Launchpal.

Please note that these are only optional and not required to setup a Noipfraud install but you will be prompted to enter them when you navigate to the domain for the first time if you do not enter them in launchpal.

If you picked the Noip+WP app then you will also be asked to enter the Wordpress config details:

Wordpress Plugin

The Noipfraud Wordpress plugin is already preinstalled when you choose the Noip+WP app.

For more details on how to use & upgrade this plugin please see the guides in Noipfraud support section.

You can access the Noipfraud support section by logging into Noipfraud client, and clicking support.

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