DigitalOcean API Key Update

DigitalOcean have changed the format of their API keys. Keys issued before 18 April 2022 will stop working at the end of March. Read on if you think you are affected.

DigitalOcean refer to the API key as: Personal Access Token

Who is not affected?

Anyone that uses DigitalOcean with Launchpal that created a DO project before 18 April 2022 is probably affected.

If you dont use DigitalOcean to host your Launchpal projects - then you are not affected.

If you signed up after 18 April 2022, or added your first DigitalOcean hosted Project after this date, then you are probably already using the new api keys.

What is changing?

The new tokens will now start with dop_v1_. Old style tokens will stop working on 31 March 2023.

Old style API tokens looked like this: d0ef82cf18995f84a8fef52341049c774cf7041188f80e6cb842d23a235e846c

The new style tokens look like this: dop_v1_d0ef82cf18995f84a8fef52341049c774cf7041188f80e6cb842d23a235e846c

How do I check my api key?

The only way to check for sure is to try and create a new project using DigitalOcean after 31 March 2023. As we store API keys in encrypted form we can not tell who is using the old or new api keys.

Another option is to check if your api key was generated after April 2022.

Your api keys on DigitalOcean are listed here:

To see if a token is actively used by Launchpal - just start creating a project, select DigitalOcean, and wait till the locations show.

Then go back to your tokens list on DO and refresh the page.

The token used by Launchpal will show "Today" under last used.

How do I update my key?

First Generate a New Token in DigitalOcean.

Give it a memorable name, and select an expiration time (you can set this to not expire if you want). Make sure you have write enabled.

Then login to your launchpal account, click the drop down profile icon in the top right corner, and select My Account.

Next click the "Change Access Key" link under Actions.

And then copy/paste the new DO Token in the DigitalOcean tab and save.

Now just test create a new DO project in Lauchpal to make sure the new token is working fine.

Your all set.

What happens if I dont update the api key?

Noting will happen to your project - but you wont be able to launch new projects on DO or make changes to the underlying hardware (like scale up / down) until you have updated your token.

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