Sub accounts

You can read here the easiest way to setup a sub account with the hosts that support it.

Currently we know how to do this on:

  • Digital Ocean (guide to follow)

  • Amazon Web Services

Why would I want a sub account

You want to create a sub or dedicated LaunchPal account with your host if you don't want LaunchPal to have access to your main hosting accounts & resources.

In addition, if you have an old Amazon Web Services account (> 3 years old) you will have to create a new account with them. You can read more about why here.

Sub accounts on Amazon Web Services

This used to be a chore, but with AWS Organisations feature this has become super easy.

Here are the steps to do it. Ill assume your logged into your main AWS account.

Add an AWS account via this link and click the "Create Account" button.

Then enter your Full Name, Email and IAM Role name.

Make sure your email is different from your other amazon/aws accounts. I use GMAIL alias and the + trick in gmail ( to quickly create new email addresses that go to my main email.

The IAM role name is the name for the role AWS creates to give you main account full access to the sub account.

One you click create, if you see this message (like I do now while writing this guide) come back later to try again 😡.

If it keeps happening then just create a brand new AWS account and then invite that account to your main one and setup consolidated billing.

Sub accounts on Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean now supports team accounts. This makes it super easy to separate hosting resources for LaunchPal with your other resources.

There is a great tutorial in DO's help section so I suggest you use that to get your team setup.

Sub accounts on Vultr

At this time we don't have a guide. It doesn't look like sub or team accounts are possible on Vultr.

So if you use this host the solution is just to setup a new account with them.

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