CNaming Domains

If you need to use more domains, or prefer to use your own preferred domain registration service like namecheap, then follow the steps below.

You will need at least 1 domain registered in LaunchPal to get the full benefit of automatic DNS changes. So make sure you have a domain registered with us.

Ill use an example here.

The domain I have registered in LaunchPal is

The domain I will use for my projecty is

The domain I want to use for my project is

1. Create your project

In Launchpal create the project you need and assign it a unique subdomain on the domain you have registered with LaunchPal.

Wait for the project to complete building.

2. CName your preferred domain

Next go to the service you use to manage the DNS for your preferred domain.

Add a CNAME record and point it at the subdomain from the previous step.

In this example I am using cloudflare to manage DNS for domains I did not buy via LaunchPal.

3. Wait for propagation

Normally this is pretty quick.

TIP: Rather then loading your domain in your browser to check its available, use a DNS checker like WhatsMyDNS. Just enter your domain and check the A record and it should return the IP for your project once propagated.

Enter your preferred domain name, select A record and press search.

As you can see the IP of that domain is the same as my project:

Once its propagated like that you can try loading your pages with the new domain.

4. Try changing your server

Go through a server change to see the benefit of LaunchPal's automatic DNS updates. Here is the example used.

And checking the DNS for the CNAME i setup you can see the domain is now pointing to the new server.

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