Here is a list of issues you can experience with Dropbox and how to resolve them where possible.

💡 Restart your local dropbox app (the one on your desktop) - it solves many of these issues.

I can not find my Dropbox project folder

Your dropbox project folder is a subfolder of the /Apps/LaunchPal/folder. Here is a screenshot showing the location of the project folder for the test3 project in the dropbox interface:

The folder path is also shown when you create your project:

Remember the dropbox folder for your project has the same name as the project.

My project folder is not shown in Dropbox

Here are the things to check in case your project folder is not showing in dropbox

  • Make sure you are checking the correct location in dropox

  • Restart your dropbox app locally - sometimes it won't sync empty folders.

  • Make sure LaunchPal is still an authorised app in Dropbox. Go to your Dropbox account security settings and check to make sure Dropbox is listed under the Apps Linked. If its not listed (like in the screenshot below) then please contact support.

LaunchPal is not Linked to Dropbox

Its possible you may have accidently removed LaunchPal as a linked App in dropbox.

If Launchpal is not showing as one of your linked apps in the dropbox security settings, then please contact support so we can assist you in rectifying this.

My pages/images are in Dropbox but getting 404

Dropbox changes all path and file names to lower case when saving it to your project. So if you are using something like<img src="/img/LOGO.png"> it will not show the image and give a 404 as the image is saved as logo.png and therefore you need to update your html to <img src="/img/logo.png">

TIP: It's good practice to always keep file and folder names lowercase when working cross platform (e.g. Windows on desktop, with Linux on server).

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