Amazon Web Services

⚠️ IMPORTANT If you have an old AWS account (over 2-3 years old) you need to create a new account first. The main reason is that LaunchPal requires accounts that support EC2-VPC. Here is an explanation as to why.

Connecting to LaunchPal

Step 1 Get your API Key & Secret

  • Choose to "Continue to Security Credentials" if prompted

  • Select the "Access Keys" menu item

  • Click the "Create New Access Key" button

  • A dialog box will appear. Click "Show Access Key" to make your keys visible. You will need both and the Secret Access Key will only be shown while this dialog is open, so keep the browser tab open while you follow the next step to enter the key in to LaunchPal.

Step 2 Enter the key in to LaunchPal

Disconnecting from LaunchPal

To change your API keys or remove them from LaunchPal completely, make the key inactive from your AWS management console - or delete it completely.

Your servers will remain fully operational and will still show in the LaunchPal API but you will lose access to some key features until you choose to enter a valid API key.

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