Here are some common questions and answers. If you have got a question that is not answered below please chat to us.

How much does Launchpal cost

You can pricing details on our homepage. The price depends on the plan you have signed up with.

Do you offer higher volume plans?

Yes we do. If you run 3 or more projects we will have a plan for you that gives you cheaper per project prices. We still charge the normal 1 project fee for overages. When you use one of these plans - you get charged for the subscription in advance - whether you use all the projects or not.

How do I change my plan?

Right now you will have to contact support and request your plan change.

When do you charge

We charge monthly. Your charge is made up of your subscription for the new month, as well as project & domain cost for the period just ended.

How can I see how much you will charge

You can always access your estimated next bill and a breakdown of the charges it includes via the My Account menu.

You can read more about your launchpal account page here.

How can I see or download previous invoices

You can see these on your launchpal billing portal.

How do I cancel

To cancel your paid subscrtion just chat to us on launchpal support and we will take care of it.

Taxes & VAT

The prices shown on our site and in the estimated next bill are excluding any taxes.

We will add taxes when we charge you based on your region.

If you are in Europe (outside the UK) we can remove the VAT if you provide us with your VAT number.

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