Digital Ocean

Connecting to LaunchPal

Step 1 Get your API Key

  • Signup or login to your DigitalOcean account

  • Click the API tab in the menu

  • Click to generate a new token

  • Enter a name for your token and make sure you select to enable Write access

  • Click to copy your new token. It will only be shown once, so make sure you keep the tab open for the next steps.

Step 2 Enter the key in to LaunchPal

  • Follow the steps in the Create your first project guide and select DigitalOcean for the host. When prompted, enter the key you copied in the previous step.

Disconnecting from LaunchPal

To change your API keys or remove them from LaunchPal completely, just delete the key that you created for access from the API tab in your DigitalOcean Dashboard.

Your servers will remain fully operational and will still show in the LaunchPal API but you will lose access to some key features until you choose to enter a valid API key.

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