How to check & delete duplicate servers

This brief guide can help you in the case where something went wrong in building a new server and a duplicate was created.

It is rare for this to happen, but it can in some cases. This issue for example will happen when hosts have issues finishing a server build in time.

Below is an example of such an issue.

I tried to move this VPN server to a different region, but due to a issue with the host - the process timed out causing this "Fatal internal error" message.

Looking at my host I can see two servers for this project exist:

There are 2 ways to check which server you can delete.

Check the IP address

The easiest is to check the IP address.

Just go to the project details to see which IP address is associated with the project:

As you can see, its so I can destroy in the hosts interface. You can not destroy this server through launchpal.

Check DNS of assigned domains

Go to the [google dig tool](\) and follow these steps:

  1. enter the (sub) domain assigned to the project

  2. make sure A record type is selected

  3. check the resulting output for the ANSWER line which shows the IP address

  4. compare this against the IPs for the project servers shown in your host

  5. delete the server with the IP not shown in the DNS

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