Change servers

One of the great benefits of launchpal is that you can change your projects with a few clicks, without any downtime.

Now most hosting companies have this.

But LaunchPal is special.

Because you can move your entire project to a different host with a few clicks.

  • No changing DNS, we take care of that

  • No syncing files, we take care of that

  • No pausing traffic, because we switch the domain only when the new server is ready

  • So No click loss

When to use Change Server

Change Server function is similar to Backups and Templates, so it may be useful to understand when its best to use Change Server.

Change Server is best when you want to change your existing project so it:

  • has a new fresh IP

  • move it to a different geo location

  • scale the server up or down

It starts a new server, copies settings and files, moves domains and decommissions the old one.

When your looking to save a standard setup that you want to use for creating other projects - using templates is best.

If you need to test a change that may cause issues, or roll back to a previous state - then Backup is the tool for you.


Lets say I want to move & scale the server for an existing project.

This is my current project - a 512MB droplet in AMS2 using Drag & Drop to sync files:

Now lets say I need to move it to London, and its needs to be 1GB:

Click on the project name and then click on the Change server button in the top right corner.

First you select your host - in this case I will keep it on DigitalOcean

Next I select london as the location:

And lastly I increase the size to 1GB:

Then click NEXT which will start the process to change your server

It will create the new server and copy the files across.

Note that it will not switch over DNS until the new server is finished and working.

After 5 to 10 minutes it should be ready.

Like this one:

As you can see it is now 1GB, the IP has changed, and its in London.

The domains that I had assigned are now pointing to the new IP address and when I open the domain in my browser - the site is still there like it was in AMS2.

Like magic!

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