Automatic SSL / HTTPS

As an affiliate you should know how critical SSL is.

In the past it was ok to avoid it to speed up page load-time.

But now with Chrome and other browsers starting to warn users when viewing HTTP pages, or domains with SSL issues, you should no longer avoid it.

It used to be hard to setup.

But not with LaunchPal. SSL is baked in.

How to enable SSL

All you need to do to make sure your project and newly assigned domain / subdomain can handle SSL is to make a HTTPS request to one of the pages on the domain.

Thats it.

LaunchPal will see that no valid SSL certificate is available, and will take 20-30 seconds to fetch one for you.

All automatic.

Any HTTPS requests after that will load as quickly as normal because the SSL certificate is in place and valid.

How to disable SSL

This is not possible right now.

If you really need this please contact support and outline why you need this so we can understand better how best to develop this in the future.

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