Make backups

LaunchPal automatically makes backups of your projects.

It takes a backup once a day.

In addition you can create a backup at any time manually.

Old backups are removed automatically. LaunchPal only keeps the most recent 7 backups available for you. Whether these were created automatically or manually.

⚠️ When a backup is in process of being made you can not make changes to your project.

When to use backups

Backups are best suited to solve problems or test major changes. It allows you to rollbacks a change, intended or unintended.

Backups give you piece of mind.

You want to use Templates when you want to save a project configuration as a base image to create new projects from.

Change server is there to change the location, type or host of a server.

How to start a project from a backup

To see the available backups, click on your project title and select the Backups tab.

This will list any available backups.

To create a project from one of them, just click the + button to the right of the backup you want to use.

You can then give your new project a name. Because its being created from a backup you don't need to select the App to use. After that its the usual project settings of Host, Location, Size, File management. Any of these can be changed.

How to create a adhoc backup

Backups are created automatically for your project once a day. You can create your own backup manually in addition to that.

Just click the Backup Now button which will start the backup process. You can see progress on the project overview screen.

Its will only take a few minutes.

How to roll back an existing project to a backup

This option is a great way to fix unintended problems.

For example you installed a Wordpress plugin that buggered up your project. Just roll back to a previous backup and it will restore your project like it was at the time of the backup.

How to delete backups

This is not possible at the moment.

Old backups get removed automatically.

Launchpal will keep the 7 most recent backups available for you.

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