A template is a snapshot of a Project at a particular time which can be used to launch new Projects.

⚠️ When a template is in process of being create you can not make changes to your project.

When to use a Template

Templates are best suited to create a standard setup that you will use to launch other projects.

The best example here is your preferred Wordpress setup. If you have a bunch of plugins and themes that you always use, then create your project and setup Wordpress like you prefer it. Then template it and launch any future servers from that template.

Backups are more suited to one of rollbacks of a change you wanted to undo, or as a quick way of testing a change and then reverting in case it did not work for you.

Changing servers is similar again, with the difference being that it will replace your project.

Create a template

To create one, head to the Project overview and click the actions menu dropdown.

Then just enter a unique name that describes the template and click create

You will then see the status of the templating process

Starting a project from a template

After you created your template you can start new projects on any host with the exact same setup as when you created the template.

Then you will see the usual project setup screen, where you enter the name of your project, select the host, etc.

Instead of using the templates menu, you can also create a project from a template by just using Create project and selecting the Templates tab.

Delete a template

When you no longer need a template, just click the ... and select Destroy and confirm when asked if your sure. There is no way to recover .deleted template.

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