Connecting to LaunchPal

Step 1 Get your API Key

  • Signup or login to your Vultr account

  • ⚠️ Make sure your account is funded - it won't allow you to create servers otherwise

  • Click the Account button on the side menu and then the API tab at the top

  • Click to Enable API

  • ⚠️ Ensure "Any IPv4" and "Any IPv6" fields are listed under the "Access Control" section

  • Click to copy your access token

Step 2 Enter the key in to LaunchPal

Disconnecting from LaunchPal

To change your API keys or remove them from LaunchPal completely, just regenerate the key to change it from your Vultr API dashboard - or disable it completely.

Your servers will remain fully operational and will still show in the LaunchPal API but you will lose access to some key features until you choose to enter a valid API key.

Troubleshoot your Vultr connection

If you have issues creating a server using vultr make sure you check the following:

1 - Make sure the API key allows access from all IPv4 & IPv6

2 - Make sure you have funded your account

3 - If payment for Vultr failed or your card expired - they disable API keys so you need to regenerate them and update your keys in Launchpal

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