Domains can be registered through our platform or you can manage the DNS only but register them elsewhere.

Once your domain is setup its available for use with Projects.

For new projects (October 3, 2017 onwards) you can have unique pages per domain.

Domains and Subdomains can be assigned and reassigned in the interface and no further management is required.

If you change a server or cloud host, the domain is automatically reassigned to the new server.


You can create as many subdomains as you want. Subdomains can be assigned to different projects.

Why do they cost so much?

We don't add any markup to the cost of a domain.

We just charge you the cost we are charged by DNSimple, which is the service we use for DNS and Domain management.

If you are concerned about cost then you can always just buy your domains elsewhere and:

What happens when I leave?

If you want to take your domains with you we can transfer them to you. Just create your own account at DNSimple and contact us on support with the details so we can arrange the transfer.

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