DNS Only Mode

With DNS Only mode you can purchase your domains at any 3rd party service, and then let LaunchPal manage the DNS.

That way you still get the benefit of the efficiency of LaunchPal when changing or upgrading projects, but you can continue to use your own preferred domain registration service.

⚠️ WARNING: We have no way for you to add additional records to the DNS in LaunchPal for things like email, google verification, or Voluum cnaming. So only import clean domains that don't need lots of services on the DNS.

Here are the steps.

Step 1 - Import Domain

Assuming you have the domain purchased, go into launchpal - while creating a project or in the domains tab - enter the root domain name and click Import domain

🙋 REMEMBER: Importing does NOT actually import any existing DNS records for the domain.

Step 2 - Set domain Nameservers

Go into your domain registrar's interface and set the domain name servers to:

  • ns1.dnsimple.com

  • ns2.dnsimple.com

  • ns3.dnsimple.com

  • ns4.dnsimple.com

Here is an example of doing this in Namecheap.

If you use another registrar and need some help, just chat to us by clicking the chat icon at bottom right of your screen.

Login to your name cheap dashboard and look up your domain you want to manage with LaunchPal. Use search ;)

Then click the Manage on the right hand of the domain row.

On the domain management screen find the Nameservers section, and click the dropdown to select Custom DNS

Then replace or enter the required name servers.

Step 3 - Wait on Propagation

Oh the pain of propagation. This can take seconds for a .com, or days for some weird country domains.

Best way to check is Whats My DNS, enter your domain and select NS in the type dropdown field:

Then make sure it shows the DNSSimple name servers for each of the checks listed in the table.

Step 4 - Assign to project

Once you know it has propagated, you can use the domain for one of your projects.

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